Waterbed Heater

Waterbed heater

In a waterbed is of course water, the water in a water that bed is generally heated by a heater. With the thermostat of the heater the temperature of the water can be controlled. This is necessary as general recommendations say a temperature of 28 degrees is optimal for any waterbed as this is the temperature of the body on the outside. In the winter you can set the thermostat slightly higher for a nice and comfortable bed and in the summer slightly lower for a fresh and cool bed. This gives the waterbed a great advantage to a normal bed which is only influenced by the temperature of the environment.

Why should the water be heated in a waterbed?

A warm bed is not only comfortable but water has the ability to change body temperature. If the water is colder than 28 degrees, then the water withdraws heat from the body and it gets cold. Muscles and joints become stiff and rigid. Therefore, the water should be heatead. We recommend adjusting the thermostat up and down by only halve a degree at a time. These seem to be small steps but for our body one degree change can make a lot of difference. One degree can easily change the experience from cold to nice and comfortable. One should also take the warm-up time into account. The heater needs four to six hours to heat up the waterbed by only one degree, this time frame varies related to the size of the waterbed and the type of heating. Generally it is also best to leave the heater on when you go on vacation, otherwise when you return the bed will be too cold to sleep and the heating will consume way more power to heat the bed fully compared to leaving it on. Obviously heating your waterbed will consume energy. Depending on the type and size of the heater waterbed this varies from 35 to 75 euros per year. There are two main types of waterbed heaters:

Electric waterbed heaterElectronic waterbed heaters

The Electronic heater consists of an electronic thermostat and a heating mat. The heating mat is made of a special foil that heats the water quickly, pleasantly and evenly. The electronic heaters are the most robust heaters with an average power consumption of 50$ to 75$ per year. Brands like InnoMax and Quantum are among the most reliable electronic waterbed heaters and well affordable. Generally the heaters last for a long time as there are very little moving parts in it.

ceramic-waterbed-heater-150Ceramic waterbed heaters

The newest waterbed heater, ceramic heater includes an electronic thermostat and a ceramic heating mat. The ceramic heater has the lowest possible electromagnetic value and has a power consumption of only 35$ to 50$ per year. It consumes less energy than traditional electronic heaters because it only emits heat at the top of the unit. The ceramic heating mat is relatively small and therefore easy to install, even if the waterbed is filled. The ceramic heaters are generally more expensive and harder to find as they are relatively new. Also there are not many experiences yet to be found about the durability of these heaters.

Online Amazon offers a great variety of waterbed heaters, if you are in need of one you should definitely be able to find a suitable one there.

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